Custom Promotional Umbrellas: Top Tips for a Quality Product

When it comes to making umbrellas it’s all about the quality; and remember, promotional merchandise is an extension of your brand so it’s important to make sure you stand out for the right reasons. An umbrella is made up of 4 main elements, the shaft, the ribs, the handle and the canopy. Below we’ll explain what makes a great umbrella.

The Frame - The frame is comprised of the shaft and ribs and is available in a variety of styles such as reverse opening umbrella, golf umbrella, compact (foldable) umbrella and even an umbrella hat!

The Canopy - Unlike other promotional merchandise, umbrellas provide a large print area for you to customise. This allows you to make a bold statement, really catching the eye of potential customers. For durability and a premium feel, we recommend a minimum of 190T nylon. The canopy can be pantone matched to your corporate colours, and can even be printed with hydro chromic inks that change colour when wet.

The Ribs - These are the spokes that support the canopy. The best material for these is fibreglass as it’s strong and flexible, allowing for durability in the wind. Compact umbrellas cannot be made with fibreglass owing to the folding parts, so a combination of stainless steel and fibreglass is used.

The Shaft - The shaft is essentially the backbone of the umbrella. It can be made of wood, fibreglass, stainless steel or even acrylic incorporating LED lights.

The Handle - This part of the umbrella is often overlooked, although may be one of the most important elements as its the point of contact for the user, meaning the design should be functional and ergonomic. It can be made of wood, thick plastic or even leather, and can also incorporate novelty features such as an LED flashlight or wrist strap.

Extras - These are the finishing touches that are mostly used for corporate gifts or products for the retail market, however they do make a big impact on how the item is received. These can help give your umbrella a real premium feel and give the consumer confidence in the product and the brand.

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